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Zoom Petrified Wood Sun Catcher
Zoom Petrified Wood Sun Catcher
Zoom Petrified Wood Sun Catcher
Zoom Petrified Wood Sun Catcher
Zoom Petrified Wood Sun Catcher
Zoom Petrified Wood Sun Catcher
Zoom Petrified Wood Sun Catcher

Petrified Wood Sun Catcher


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Hanging or wall art made with genuine petrified wood agate slices paired with smooth carnelian agate beads and fused glass. Perfect as a thank-you gift or a home gift for a friend, your favorite teacher or a host or hostess. Can be displayed on the wall or hung from a window or a tree - indoors or outdoors.

❁ Petrified wood slices are irregularly-shaped, rough and natural with a slight polish on the face, about 1" long
❁ Paired with 3/8", high quality, smooth, round carnelian agate beads
❁ Silver-coated stainless steel beading wire is 49-strand, 0.024 inch in diameter, extra strong and corrosion-resistant, fully covered in beads
❁ Fused glass piece is 2"X2", hand-cut, home fused and fully annealed in a digitally controlled kiln
❁ Glass is "Fire and Ice"
❁ Wire hanger is fused into the glass
❁ Hanging length from the middle of the wire to the bottom of the glass is 18" to 20"
❁ Hanging loop is about 3" long
❁ Bead and glass markings will vary as each is one of a kind
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Petrified Wood Sun Catcher



What is the best way to hang a Cinjo wind chime?

The wind chimes are a simple design - one long wire covered in beads with glass pieces at each end. The middle of the wire is draped over a nail or hook or from a small tree branch. The glass pieces clink together to create a subtle sound while the beads reflect the sunlight.  You want the pieces of glass to be close enough to generate the sound.

Do the glass wind chimes break?

Glass items are fragile and can break. Please handle with care. Try to avoid hanging wind chimes very close to stationary objects that could be hit by the glass and cause breakage. A protected area is best. However, fused glass is very strong and can hold up to most situations without breaking or chipping.

Do you use recycled packaging?

While our first priority is to ensure your order arrives undamaged, we do use recycled boxes and packaging materials whenever possible. If you would prefer we not do this, please let us know.

What is "fused glass"?

Fused glass is glass that has been heat formed in a kiln.


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